More Women Are Hitting the Links: This Training Aid Offers a Competitive Advantage

I’ve only had the Rypstick for about 2 weeks now and I use it every time I play or practice to warm up. I have gained a few mph swing speed as well as almost 10 yards already. - Maddi S.

The Female Golf Revolution

The golf world is changing, and women are leading the charge!  Over 800,000 women picked up clubs in the last few years, drawn by the game's social aspect and new, less intimidating training options. As the numbers grow, the entire golf industry is changing, with gear, training, and even courses designed specifically with women in mind.

Common Pain Points for Female Golfers

Despite this exciting progress, many women who are passionate about golf still face unique challenges that can hinder their enjoyment of the game. One common frustration is a lack of power. Due to differences in body composition, many women golfers struggle to generate the same clubhead speed as their male counterparts. This can lead to shorter drives and more difficulty reaching greens in regulation. Additionally, developing a reliable, repeatable swing can be challenging, especially if training methods don't align well with the mechanics of the female swing. These difficulties can lead to inconsistency and a sense of discouragement.

The good thing is... there's a solution to these pain points, and it's been helping golfers of all genders and ages unlock their hidden power and achieve significant improvements in their game.

The Rypstick Advantage

Rypstick is a scientifically-backed system designed to help golfers of all levels safely build the power and swing mechanics they crave. Unlike bulky weights or complicated swing trainers, Rypstick is intuitive, effective, and easy to incorporate into your routine. It focuses on swing speed training, helping you drive the ball farther, shoot lower scores, and reach your full potential.

Here's what makes it unique:

  • Tailored For Women: Rypstick offers configurations specifically designed for the female swing, such as the Ladies 44" option. This includes careful consideration of shaft length for optimal biomechanics, ensuring women golfers get the maximum benefit from their training.
  • All-In-One Training System: Rypstick goes beyond just speed training, providing a comprehensive approach to golf improvement. It offers exercises that target flexibility, stability, and core strength, essential elements for a powerful and consistent golf swing.
  • Gradual Improvement: Adjustable weights let you progressively increase swing speed while minimizing injury risk.
  • Proven Results: Distance training is the fastest and easiest way to increase driving distance. Rypstick helps you unlock those gains, with many golfers seeing a 15-25 yard improvement in just 3 months.

Real Results: What Women Golfers Are Saying

"I personally was able to use the program and improve speed by 6mph after one week of training. I can also use this on the lesson tee with my students. I can adjust weight to help them feel tempo and speed at the bottom of the swing. Great tool and training aid, highly recommend for all skill levels."
Megan J.

"I've always been a long hitter for a woman (Avg 240s in high school) and my long is 307 now as a grown woman, but my average is around 280. I purchased the Rypstick and purchased a Swing Speed Radar monitor a month ago. I have been doing the three day a week training routine from their Rypstick training videos and I just recorded my clubhead speed at 90% control last week at 115 mph. Needless to say this thing absolutely works and I am still so new with it. It is worth every penny if you genuinely put the time in"
Hannah C.

"I received the Rypstick with a few days of my order. I started using it right away. I’m impressed with the quality of the product. The training videos are convenient and easy to follow. I’m excited to see how much speed I can add."
Kasey M.

From Rypstick Founder, Luke Benoit

"I've seen too many talented women golfers struggle because standard training doesn't cater to their strengths. With Rypstick Ladies, we've created a tool that finally helps women unlock their true potential, experience the joy of longer shots, and break through plateaus."

Dr Luke Benoit PhD, PGA

Rypstick Founder

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