Our Rypstick Drills have helped thousands!

Our founder, Dr. Luke Benoit has heavily researched and designed our training drills. Our drills have helped thousands of golfers, including many tour professionals, increase their swing speed and distance. In addition, if you have swing flaws you want to correct please check out our Swing Fix Videos on the Rypstick Training App. For optimal results please follow along with our drills below, or the Rypstick Training App.

Please perform the Level 1 Training Drills 3 days per week with 1 full rest day between sessions. You should do this for 4 weeks (12 sessions) before moving onto Level 2. We recommend everyone starts at Level 1. Skipping drills can limit the speed and distance you gain.

Step 1:

Download the Rypstick Training App

Both available on the Apple and Google Play Store. Our App is a step-by-step guide that will easily explain your training, keep you on track, and show your speed and distance progression as you continue to train!

Step 2:

Warm Up


Warming up increases your speed potential and reduces your risk for injury.

Step 3:

Rypstick Training Level One

Our innovative training methods are designed to improve strength, speed, and agility, helping athletes of all levels reach their full potential. With personalized coaching and customized programs, we'll help you achieve your goals and become the best golfer you can be.