Welcome to RYP Golf – Where we help you Reach Your Potential!

Based in the heart of Minnesota, RYP Golf is not just a company; it's a commitment to helping you reach your potential. We specialize in creating premium golf training aids and products meticulously designed to unlock your true potential on the course. At the core of our innovation is Rypstick, a unique speed training system designed to turn your dream of distance gains into a reality. With its innovative design and our effective Rypstick Training app, longer drives are guaranteed.

Neuromuscular Synchronization

Rypstick capitalizes on training both your brain and muscles, ensuring a coordinated, efficient, and faster swing.

Adaptability and Resilience

Rypstick's dynamic training system keeps your muscles flexible, reducing risks of injuries and ensuring sustained speed gains.


With its adjustable weights, Rypstick keeps pushing your muscles, leading to continual improvement.

Join RYP Golf on a journey where science, innovation, and passion converge to redefine your golfing potential. Elevate your game with Rypstick – the key to unlocking your best self on the course.