This Speed Training Tool Is Leaving Middle-Aged Golfers With The “Fastest Swings” Of Their Lives!

“From 103 to 115 mph in just two workouts – I'm 53 and never swung this fast!” — Greg S.

Are You Over The Age Of 50 And Dreaming Of A Powerful Drive?

For many seasoned golfers over the age of 50, keeping up a powerful, long-range drive often feels like a persistent struggle against time. The more the clock ticks on, the weaker it seems to get. But what if there was an innovative, breakthrough solution designed to tip the scales back in your favor?

Enter the world of Rypstick. This groundbreaking speed training tool created by PGA Tour coach Dr Luke Benoit (PhD) is transforming the golf experience of professional and amateur middle-aged players alike!

The Challenge: Age-Related Decline In Swing Speed

It's a well-known fact in golf circles – as you age, your swing speed naturally decreases. This can be frustrating for passionate golfers who still have the drive to compete and improve.

Traditionally, golfers have relied on a variety of training methods and equipment to enhance their performance. However, with age, these conventional approaches can prove challenging…

The reason is simple yet often overlooked:
as our bodies grow older, our muscle composition, flexibility, and overall physical capabilities change. 

What worked in our 30s and 40s might not yield the same results in our 50s, 60s, and beyond…

This is where Rypstick steps in. A tailored solution that adapts to the evolving needs of golfers over 50, helping them increase their swing speed despite the challenges posed by age!

The Key To Regaining Speed, Power & Distance Well Into Your Golden Years!

Rypstick is an innovative golf training tool specifically designed to address the unique challenges faced by mature golfers. Unlike traditional training equipment, Rypstick offers a custom approach to improving your golf game, focusing on increasing swing speed which tends to decline with age.

At its core, Rypstick utilizes adjustable weights, which allows golfers to gradually build up their swing strength and flexibility in a way that aligns with their current physical capabilities. A progressive approach ensures that you're not just swinging harder, but smarter, developing a swing that's both powerful and sustainable in the process.

How Exactly Does This Tool Work Its Magic?

Rypstick's secret lies in its scientifically engineered design that's transforming golf training. This tool features three interchangeable adjustable weights that allow a personalised training experience tailored to your specific needs. With a total of eight unique weight combinations, you can focus on and strengthen the exact muscles involved in your golf swing - without the need to swap out heads!

This targeted approach helps you gradually boost your strength and flexibility, key factors in recapturing any speed lost over the years.

Common Middle-Age Golfer Problems

  • Swing speed diminishes with age
  • Muscle strength & flexibility decrease
  • Struggle to maintain or increase distance
  • Ineffective and clunky training aids
  • Lack of credible training solutions
  • Long, dragged-out practice sessions

How Rypstick Can Help

  • Scientifically optimized design infuses speed
  • Adjustable weight system for tailored training
  • Proven to add distance to your drive
  • Streamlined design for easy transport & use
  • Endorsed by PGA professionals and coaches
  • Quick training routine with visible results

The Proof Is In The Performance

Across both the United States and the world, thousands of golfers well into their senior years are reaping the rewards of regularly using Rypstick as a training aid:

"After just 6 sessions, my speed jumped from 90 to 94 mph!"
Steve S, age 62

"At 70, I've seen a 5 mph increase in swing speed with Rypstick."
Bryan C, age 70

“At the start of my [Rypstick lessons] my left-handed swing was awkward and slow. After just 6-7 sessions, it’s greatly improved in both speed and rhythm”
Brad B, age 69

“I went from swinging 103 mph to 115mph in two workouts. I’m 53 years old, will be 54 next month. I have never swung the driver this fast in my life”
Steve S, age 53

“For a 62-year-old needing a knee replacement and losing yardage every year, Rypstick has exceeded my expectations. After five sessions and five rounds, I have increased my swing speed by six mph"
Robert B, age 62

A Message From Rypstick Founder, Luke Benoit

“Over the years as a golf instructor, I’ve seen how aging affects swing speed and flexibility. Rypstick addresses these specific needs with its unique adjustable weights, allowing senior golfers to progressively (and safely) regain their youthful swing speed and power. Our method is rooted in an understanding that effective speed training must evolve with the golfer’s age and physical capabilities.

We’re committed to helping mature golfers rediscover the joy of their own game, proving that age is no barrier to a powerful, dynamic drive on the golf course!”

Dr Luke Benoit PhD, PGA

Rypstick Founder

The Rypstick Advantage For Middle-Aged Golfers

Whether you're looking to compete at a higher level, enjoy your weekend rounds more, or simply keep up with younger players, Rypstick offers a real and tangible solution for middle-aged golfers. It's a tool that helps you both increase your swing speed, and redefine your entire approach to the game!

Ready to Take Your Swing To The Next Level?

Rediscover the joy of a powerful drive with Rypstick - the best is yet to come!