Our Butterblade Drills are free with purchase.

This Butter Blade training drill, designed by Dr. Luke Benoit, is a powerful way to improve your ball-striking skills. The unique design of the Butter Blade exaggerates the impact of off-center hits, helping you refine your contact point. With consistent practice, you'll develop precision, power, and accuracy.

Equipment Needed

  • Butter Blade training club
  • Can of Dr. Scholl's Foot Spray (or similar foot powder spray)
  • Your regular golf clubs

Warm Up

5-10 Minutes of Light Cardio: Jumping jacks, jogging in place, etc.

Dynamic Stretching: Arm circles, leg swings, torso twists. Target areas involved in the golf swing.

Phase 1:

Impact Location Awareness

Spray the clubface: Lightly spray the Butter Blade's clubface with foot powder.

Take a Practice Swing: Focus on feeling the swing, not just hitting the ball. Mentally predict where you think the ball would make contact on the clubface.

Hit a shot: Try to maintain the feeling from your practice swing.

Analyze Contact: Examine the clubface to see where the impact occurred (toe, heel, center). Compare this to your prediction.

Intentional Misses:

  • If you tend to hit the toe: Set the club outside the ball and intentionally miss inside to get the feeling of a heel strike.
  • If you tend to hit the heel: Set the club inside the ball and intentionally miss outside to get the feeling of a toe strike.

Hit Shots, Adjusting for Misses: Try to hit solid shots while purposely aiming for the opposite of your miss-tendency (i.e., if you hit the toe, aim for the heel).

Repeat for 20-30 shots

Phase 2:

Transferring Skills

Switch to Regular Club: After your Butter Blade session, take some practice swings with your regular irons. Notice how much larger and more forgiving the clubface feels.

Focus on Solid Contact: Apply the emphasis on solid contact you developed with the Butter Blade to your normal clubs.