Rypstick Workouts

The Rypstick fast track workouts are free for anyone to use. They are designed for golfers with solid swings that just want to get fast! Check out the workouts by clicking on the video or by printing off a pdf. Every level takes 1 month to complete. Moving to a new level allows you to you switch up your program, which helps you overcome plateaus of training. Even so, you should remember that plateaus are normal. Most people plateau after 1-2 months and periodically after that. 

Along the way you should integrate "Fix Your Swing" workouts or "Power Leak" workouts as appropriate. If you're not sure which to do you can always send your video to support@rypgolf.com

Warm Up

A 5-10 minute warm up is a great idea before you start training. It will reduce your risk of injury and allow you to swing at full speed on your first swing of the workout. We recommend a simple warm-up like the one attached. You may want to add other exercises if you have specific concerns or limitations. The key points are...

  • Warm up your core body temp which you can do with (2-3 minutes of cardio/heart rate increasing movements)
  • Wrist and hands
  • Shoulder
  • Core
  • Hips  

10 Key tips for Fast Track Rypstick training

  1. You can swing Rypstick inside or outside, just make sure you have enough room. Taking out your chandelier is not a good idea.
  2. Warm up first - You'll get more out of your training and be less prone to injury.
  3. Eat right - Protein helps build muscle so get lots of it. Fats and carbs are also key. If weight loss is your goal, eat healthier foods like fruits and veggies. Basic, but important.
  4. Sleep right - Sleep is when your body does the heavy lifting of neural adaptation. You simply can't get much out of working out if you don't sleep well.
  5. Exercise - It's a good idea to supplement your Rypstick training with a workout routine. We have loads of TPI experience on our team to help you design an extremely effective personal plan.
  6. When working out - Do power first, speed second (Rypstick), then speed/strength (mix), then non dominant training.
  7. Swing with intensity - Speed gains come from maximum exertion. If you not able to do that you should question if Rypstick training is right for you. If you're swinging at home, crank the music, enjoy the intensity. Think about the bombs you'll hit in a couple months!
  8. Track your progress - Get a Swing Speed radar to track your progress. We know goals and competing with others can help you realize your gains.
  9. Only start out past with protocol 1 unless you're in great shape and have practiced with speed training in the past. 
  10. If you feel an overuse injury setting in take it easy for a few days and do your best to eliminate the offending drill.


The basic workout for golfers that want to get started right away without thinking too hard or changing any swing mechanics substantially. For many high-level players that are happy with their swing this is the place to start. This workout starts with regular swings, knee swings (arm rotation and speed), and step swings (sequencing) but gets a bit harder with each stage. This workout is rock solid and well researched. We can guarantee results since so many players have seen such great results. Hundreds of Tour Players have used variable weight swing training for years to grain and maintain club head speed. Own the future and start your training plan today. Ten to fifteen minutes 3x per week is all it takes to bomb it past your buddies!

Fast Track LEVEL 1 pdf

Fast Track LEVEL 2 pdf

Fast Track LEVEL 3 pdf

Fast Track LEVEL 4 pdf