How This 114lb Junior Golfer Swings At 114 Miles Per Hour

My son has improved his speed by 3 to 5 mph. The Rypstick is excellent to work with and it is a great way to improve both speed and strike. It is easy to use and the speed training workouts are balanced to your level. - Wayne

The Training Your Child NEEDS From A Young Age

Does your child’s golf swing lack the power to drive the ball further down the fairway? Many parents watch as their kids practice tirelessly, only to see marginal improvements. The truth is, mastering golf requires more than just technique, it demands speed, something often overlooked in traditional training programs. 

Time is ticking in the world of junior golf development, and the urgency to harness this speed from a young age is clear. Without integrating specialized speed training as early as possible, young golfers might not fully realize their potential or develop the competitive edge necessary for long-term success in the sport.

The Urgency of Early Speed Training

In the developmental years of a junior golfer, there’s a pivotal 'speed window,' a period where the potential for increasing swing speed is at its peak. This window, typically spanning the early to mid teenage years, is crucial for ingraining the high-speed mechanics necessary for long-term success in golf. Missing this golden opportunity can lead to a permanent gap in performance…

The good thing is, there’s a solution. And it’s making waves among junior golfers across the United States.

Rypstick: The Solution Helping Young Golfers Swing Faster & Further

Rypstick, a speed training aid created by coach Luke Benoit (PhD) demystifies speed training with a simple, effective approach. Designed with junior golfers in mind, it minimizes injury risk through age-appropriate exercises that enhance performance without overwhelming their developing bodies. 

The tool’s design is rooted in sports science, promoting safe, gradual improvements in swing speed and overall athleticism for junior golfers of any age.

The Science Behind Rypstick

The success of Rypstick is rooted in its design, which aligns with the natural biomechanics of a golfer’s swing, no matter their age. 

With its adjustable weights and emphasis on ground reaction forces, Rypstick helps young golfers efficiently transform energy into potent swings, resulting in significant gains in speed and distance.

  • Tailored for Youth: Adjustable weights and exercises suit the unique needs of growing golfers, ensuring training is always at the right intensity.
  • Low Injury Risk: Focused on safe, biomechanically sound movements, Rypstick reduces the risk of injury, making it ideal for young, developing athletes.
  • Proven Results: From local junior tournaments to elite youth competitions, golfers training with Rypstick are consistently outperforming their peers.

Proven Success On The Course

Hear from parents whose children have transformed their game with Rypstick, soaring past competitors and achieving personal bests.

"It is in the hands of 7th - 12th graders. Within 4-5 swings, they realize the benefits. There is a time limit during captain's practice at each station. If they have extra time, they come back to the rypstick station. Watch the bags of juniors. If they have the Rypstick, they get the benefit. - Kirk A."
Kirk A.

"My grandson has been using it for 2 weeks and loves it. He already can see an increase in speed and feels a little stronger. The fact that if we are going somewhere else to practice and he wants to do his workout there he only needs to carry one stick is tremendous!"
Lawrence M.

“Extremely happy with the program that Luke and the Ryp Golf team has been putting together for my son as part of the Ryp Fitness Club Level program. They took input about my son, and the home equipment we have available, to develop a program for him. This program, along with the Rypstick, has helped my son obtain very nice distance gains!”
Jason T.

“My son has improved his speed by 3 to 5 mph. The Rypstick is excellent to work with and it is a great way to improve both speed and strike. It is easy to use and the speed training workouts are balanced to your level.”

“I bought this for my child, who is working on increasing club speed. So far it’s been very motivating for them to make gains. They definitely work up a sweat, too!"
Julia J.

A Note From Rypstick Founder Luke Benoit

In my years of coaching, I've seen firsthand the power of focused training on young golfers. One example is a junior golfer I coached who at 114lbs could swing at 114 miles per hour, making him one of the longest hitters for his size globally…

This wasn’t a fluke, it was the result of dedicated speed training that we integrated into his regimen from an early age. It’s experiences like this that drive home the importance of specialized speed training in developing not only a golfer’s skill but also their confidence and competitive edge.

With Rypstick, we’ve created a tool that encapsulates these training principles, giving young golfers the resources they need to unlock their full potential and start making their mark in the sport.

Dr Luke Benoit PhD, PGA

Rypstick Founder

Level Up Your Child’s Golf Game With Rypstick!

The window for developing lifelong speed is limited, making speed training at a young age a non-negotiable for any junior golfer. Get started with Rypstick’s innovative approach to speed training and set your child on a path to success!