Individual Workouts

Our team is here to help you reach your potential. We will build a customized training program, specific to the needs of you. Once you have gone through our free swing analysis and fitness assessment, you will be set up for success. Our programs will be specifically designed for you based on the equipment and facilities that you have access to.




Our swing analysis and fitness assessment will help us determine your limitations. Our goal is to of course help you swing faster, but we use a mindful approach to make sure your long-term health and fitness are paramount. You will pick up club head speed using the Rypstick, however, the key to seeing significant gains is by swinging the golf club efficiently, eliminating any physical barriers, and sticking to your plan.When our trainers program your workouts, it is important for us to understand what is attainable for you and your lifestyle. Our team is flexible, yet determined to help you reach goal achievement. 

Current Offerings:
  • Fitness Assessment – Free with purchase of Rypstick. After you complete a swing analysis,  you will work with our trainers to complete a fitness assessment. Together these two things will lay the groundwork for your path to more speed and lower scores. You can expect our trainers to educate you on the results of your assessment, and areas needing improvement.
  • Ryp Fitness Package – In addition to the Fitness Assessment, we will provide you with a comprehensive program. You will have access to our Fitness Professionals and weekly accountability check-ins. This program is created for three months. Our team will help you adhere to your program and reach your goals. $49/month
Results are guaranteed if you stay on track. We will help you RYP It!