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RypRadar 2.0

RypRadar 2.0

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Rypstick Training Package - Rypstick & Radar

Rypstick Training Package - Rypstick & Radar

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Mobile Launch Monitor (MLM)

Mobile Launch Monitor (MLM)

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There are many training aids out there that claim to be game-changers, but Rypstick is validated by some of the greatest players, instructors and publications in all of golf.


Tour Players

5 of the world's

Top 10 Long Drive Professionals




over 200 five-star product reviews

Exactly what I was expecting, I really like how simple and easy it is to swap weights, and dial in each portion of my training. Looking forward to the "GAINS" as they say. I initially purchased this as a means to increase distance, but I'm really using it to maintain what I have and use it along with my actual training program.

Kevin Calumpit

This golf speed training aid is as easy as it gets. This one device basically replaces 4 piece system, and so easy to use. Makes a cool whistle noise during use as well, have 1 device makes this so much more convenient. A must have to become longer.

Josh Palmquist

Great speed trainer. I like the fact that I only need to carry a single stick and then swap the weights in and out as needed. The counter balance screw for the butt-end was a nice bonus as well. The training program is easy to follow and actually works.

Matt Wagner

Great for speed and my students

I personally was able to use the program and improve speed by 6mph after one week of training. I can also use this on the lesson tee with my students. I can adjust weight to help them feel tempo and speed at the bottom of the swing. Great tool and training aid, highly recommend for all skill levels.

Megan Johnston

Really Works!

I've only has the Rypstick for about 2 weeks now and I use it every time I play or practice to warm up. I have gained a few mph swing speed as well as almost 10 yards already! I like how you can change the weights out. I'm exited to continue to use it and get more distance. The app is simple and helpful with workouts and drills as well. Highly recommend.

Maddi Shoults

INCREDIBLE! Best Speed Training Device.
For me Speed was something I have already had. But after baseline Testing my CHS was 131 average. After utilizing Rypstick for two weeks now my baseline increased to 134 and going after a few got up to 140. Absolutely love the whistle to make sure the speed is down at the ball and ease ability of use. Fantastic product that works.

Tony Grabowske

Rypstick is the Answer
Rypstick is solving my desire for more distance. I started Rypstick at an average of 81.4 mph and after my first round of speed training. I averaged 107 mph is training. My drives have gone from 210 yds and I fell in love with golf again. If you want more distance off the tee, Rypstick is your answer. You won't be disappointed.

Duy Cao

Big Gains!
We brought the Rypstick into our PGA Golf Management Program at the University of Nebraska to help train our students looking for distance, consistency and speed. We've seen amazing results from everyone far beyond just swing speed. Great product, easy to use, and highly recommend to anyone looking to get better and stay competitive.

Joe Canny